Your Life should be a GRAND Adventure.

Recognizing your nature as a spiritual being on an earthly journey is the first step. You are ready for your Grand Adventure if you yearn for the Soul Satisfaction that comes from following Divine Nudges, experiencing Grace on a more regular basis, tapping into the synchronicities of a Self-Healing Universe. Life becomes more joyful, peaceful and meaningful. Struggle drops away.

Walking into the new and unknown can be lonely and scary sometimes.

You don’t have to do this alone. I am committed to serve as your Sherpa or Guide in the process of deepening your experience of Soul Satisfaction. You bring with you your curiosity, your rich spiritual traditions, rituals and texts, your hunger for stepping even more fully into the life you believe you are meant to live. And, yes, those things that get in the way of your being all that you want to be will show up. They are grist for the mill. You show up, engage, and the journey of exploration begins.

Your Grand Adventure is an evolving journey of consciousness. There are many paths to realize your full potential as a spiritual being.

Path 1: Begin with BEING THE CREATOR

This first path will provide:

  • Greater awareness of who you are really
  • Expanded sense of power and freedom of choice
  • Increased clarity on what it takes to gain leverage in your life

Tools: 2 hour discovery session using your personal inventory, TED* 5-part course on becoming the creator of your life, and 3 months of coaching. This Stage can be a stand-alone and can be repeated.

Timeframe: 3 months of coaching total of 6 hours

Cost: $1,100 or three monthly payments of $370. (Additional processing raising the cost slightly.)

Path 2: SHOW UP, STAND UP, and SPEAK UP for Soul Satisfaction

This second path will help you:

  • Tap into your passion
  • Find your voice and own it
  • Clear “old voices” that cloud your cultivated wisdom
  • Discover your cultivated wisdom
  • Discern where and with whom you intend to make a difference
  • Build courage and authenticity to “walk your talk”

Tools: Cultivated Wisdom and Vision day-long process/course, coaching
Timeframe: 3 months of coaching (6 hours), day-long course. This course can be repeated individually or in a small group.

Cost: $1,250 or three monthly payments of $420. Repeats $375 per month.

Additional Offerings: Once you have completed the above stage/phase you well may be ready for your “Walking Your Talk” project. You long to use your new skills in a specific setting. Bring your idea/ideas to me and we will arrange for additional support to make this happen. Individually, or in a group.

Path 3: Leading with Spirit

The Third Path provides:

  • Clarity on your purpose and how you choose to pursue it
  • Deepening of your spiritual connection
  • Strengthening of your network(s) of fellow collaborators
  • Relishing the journey and the miracles that show up

Tools: Real Power Leadership Inventory and debrief, Your Spiritual Treasure Chest, Emotional Intelligence Inventory and debrief, 3 – 6 months of coaching, monthly Salons with fellow Spirit-lead leaders.

Timeframe: 3-6 months, 4 hours coaching per month, 1 hour additional hour for Real Power Leadership Inventory Debrief in the first month and in the second month 2 additional hours for Emotional Intelligence debrief, Salons – 2 hours each one every other month.

Cost: $500 per month, Repeats $450 per month

Not sure where to begin?

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