Learning fascinates me, and so, it’s no accident, I have facilitated learning throughout my career. Seeing light bulbs go on for learners lights me up! Personal and professional development has also always been a passion. I want to know what motivates us, what holds us back and what helps us become more conscious so that we make better choices as individuals, groups, and the human family.

In 1997, when I heard about coaching I said, “That’s what I do!”

Within a year I was trained as a life coach and began to train new coaches myself. I spent 6 years on the faculty of the Academy for Coach Training, the last two years as lead trainer/facilitator. I soon discovered coaching for me is not only a profession, but a calling.

I’ve always enjoyed adventure. At three it meant exploring the dry creek bed alongside our family cabin in Livingston, Montana where I deepened my connection with nature. By my teens I began exploring my spirituality and seeing the USA working at church camps. In my mid twenties I explored Europe on $10 a day – that took commitment, ingenuity and faith. In my thirties I traveled across the eastern United States as a Human Resource Interviewer visiting over 20 companies.


What it took many years for me to realize is that the Grand Adventure CAN BE GOING OUT AND SEEING THE WORLD, however, for me, its MORE THAN THAT, IT’S A MINDSET . . . You take the grist of your life and make choices that expand your horizons, your contribution, and your zest for life.

In my fifties I combined my inner and outer quest for adventure by being on the forefront of an emerging profession. Joining the coaching profession has been and is one of my Grand Adventures! I am so looking forward to taking this adventure with you! Let’s connect

Relevant Experience and Training:

  • Human Resource Professional and Course trainer and facilitator – in banking, medicine and manufacturing prior to beginning my coaching career
  • Masters in Whole Systems Design/Organization Development from Antioch University, Seattle 1990
  • Strategic planning facilitator
  • Teambuilding and Communication Styles Instructor
  • Became a Professional Certified Coach through the Academy of Coach Training 1998, certified through the International Coach Federation since 1998
  • Living Your Vision® facilitator
  • Faculty member of Academy for Coach Training 1999-2005
  • Teleclass facilitator since 2000
  • Co-Active Leadership Training through CTI (Coach Training Institute), Class of 2006
  • Mentor Coach for InviteChange 2006-2013
  • Active member of and local leader with International Coaching Federation since 2008
  • Mentor Coach Certification Program, invite.CHANGE, 2009
  • Coaching Leaders in Organizations
  • TED facilitator (The Empowerment Dynamic) 2012
  • Webinar facilitator – current platform, Zoom
  • Began utilizing the ICF Markers as a part of Mentoring 2014
  • Certified with Learning in Action EQ to do EQ profiles 2016
  • Mentor for BALM Family Recovery Resources Coaches 2017

Are you ready to step up and live the life of your dreams? Contact me to get started on Your Grand Adventure!