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Sandra Jones, PCC & Diva of Delight!

Sandra Jones, PCC & Diva of Delight!

Working with me as your coach, you’ll get clearer and more confident about your own strengths, passions and purpose. The feeling that your head and heart are two separate entities will fade as your sense of inner wisdom and connection grows.

Our partnership will also help you embrace a fresh experience of spirituality. You’ll be surprised and, yes, delighted as that spirituality creates an appreciation for every aspect of your femininity. You’ll celebrate and care for your body and all its wonders as never before.

Meet a few clients who, like you, longed to increase their quality of life. Their stories are told with permission and changed names.

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When you follow your path, work can be a pleasure.

When you know what you want, work can be a pleasure.

Account Executive Leaves a Comfy Corporate Job

Jodi was a successful account representative with a major software firm.  On the surface, life looked grand. Inside, though, she was restless. Stressed out. Even her blood pressure had skyrocketed. She knew she needed a change and a major one at that.

Jodi hired me, because she wanted help defining what that change would be, as well knowing she had the support to make it successfully.

Our first step was to explore what was no longer working in her life. Then, we began to imagine how she wanted her future to look. After crafting a plan for an exciting, energizing new life, Jodi resigned from her job and began to prepare for a new career. Ultimately, thanks to our work together, she identified and embraced the satisfying, purposeful life of her deepest longings.

Marketing Executive Finds Herself

Nancy, a successful marketing executive, relocated here to be with her sweetheart. Her relationship was flourishing, yet she was having difficulties connecting with the community and making new friends. She felt lost. Disconnected.

Nancy hired me to help her resolve her connection issues and to speed up her integration into the community.  Once she was clear about what she wanted and what was in her way she took ownership and moved forward with increased ease. Through the coaching process, Nancy realized that she allowed the demands and priorities of others to trump her personal needs. No more. By tuning into her inner self for guidance, she was able to avoid the emotional potholes that had hampered previous attempts to forge friendships. This was true in both business and personal settings. Nancy was now capable of adjusting to major life transitions with comfort and ease.

In fact, a year later she adapted to being a mother as if she were a seasoned professional.  Her doctor complemented her on her evenness and calm during the process.  Her response was, other mothers-to-be should get a coach like Sandra!

Note: Although Nancy was under 50 when I coached her, some of her growth challenges are very similar to those in their 50s.  These women feel called to make changes for themselves and simultaneously feel tied down by the demands of those in their lives who would like them to stay the same.

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