Working Together

Find your joy!

Find your joy!

We work as a team dedicated to helping you connect with your inner fire. We’ll have conversations, we’ll imagine what Your Soul Satisfaction looks like and then create a plan that will help you step on the path toward achieving the life you’ve always wanted.

Whether it’s a one-on-one session or a group workshop, our time together will be fun, creative, and passion-filled! We want to help you fill your plate with decadent dreams that you can savor daily. This is the time of your life to dream big, love completely, and enjoy fully! What are you waiting for? Let your Inner Diva out to play and Dive In today!

Our Approach: Coaching, a vehicle for your growth
Client Successes
My Philosophy and Values
Why Choose Your Soul Satisfaction?
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Coaching, a vehicle for your growth

Coaching is the major approach that we use to help you reclaim your life and create the life you most desire. You can select one-on-one coaching or be part of a group.  Coaching principles and tools are used in all of our workshops, teleclasses, and workbooks.

So what is professional coaching? Professional coaching is a partnership designed to help you find answers, gain clarity, and envision what is possible. We use conversation as a tool that helps you find out what you really, truly want out of life and then create the plan to make that happen. A coach is a great listener and asker of questions. We don’t tell you what to do, instead, we help you find the answers to the questions you have…and some you didn’t know you had. In short, we help you connect with your creative power and set you on the path to success!

Self discovery is the foundation of coaching.

As your coach we would have an on-going exchange that helps you rediscover yourself with renewed awareness and satisfaction. The coaching process is fun, fluid and it includes:

  • gaining clarity on what YOU want and the power house that is YOU
  • making plans that sing for you and are grounded in what’s important
  • taking action that brings the results you desire
  • learning new skills and ways of thinking
  • experiencing joy regularly

You are at a time of powerful renewal/transformation!  Our commitment is to help you strengthen your CORE (spiritually, intellectually, physically and emotionally), so that you have greater ease, satisfaction and resilience as you create the life you desire.

Client Successes

Working with Sandra Jones as your life transition coach, you’ll get clearer and more confident about your own strengths, passions and purpose. The feeling that your head and heart are two separate entities will fade as your sense of inner wisdom and connection grows.

Our partnership will also help you embrace a fresh experience of spirituality. You’ll be surprised and yes, delighted! as that spirituality creates an appreciation for every aspect of your femininity. You’ll celebrate and care for your body and all its wonders as never before.

Meet Jodi who, like you, longed to increase her quality of life. Her story is told with permission and a changed name.

When you know what you want, work can be fulfilling and fun!

When you know what you want, work can be fulfilling and fun!

Account Executive Leaves a Comfy Corporate Job

Jodi was a successful account representative with a major software firm.  On the surface, life looked grand. Inside, though, she was restless. Stressed out. Even her blood pressure had skyrocketed. She knew she needed a change, and a major one at that.

Jodi hired Sandra, because she wanted help defining what that change would be, as well knowing she had the support to make it successfully.

Our first step was to explore what was no longer working in her life. Then, we began to imagine how she wanted her future to look. After crafting a plan for an exciting, energizing new life, Jodi resigned from her job and began to prepare for a new career. Ultimately, thanks to our work together, she identified and embraced the satisfying, purposeful life of her deepest longings.

Read more success stories or submit your own.

Philosophy — Soul Satisfaction Manifesto

Women entering the second half of life have a unique opportunity to make a difference. Never have women been better equipped to create an optimal quality of life for themselves and to make a difference as leaders in their homes, communities, and country.  Women 50 and over are healthier, better educated, and economically stronger, and possess more political leverage than any previous generation.

In the past, the second half of life in this culture has been a time for winding down, for retiring. Today it is much more an opportunity for renewing and refining how we want to live and contribute.  We are trailblazers for how to be in one’s fifties and beyond.

Whatever major transitions we go through can either contribute toward our growth or leave us feeling victimized.  The choice is ours.

Learn to love your whole self!

Learn to love your whole self!

Guiding Beliefs and Values

We believe we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. If that fits for you, then you know that you have many more resources to call upon than you may have to date!  We help you get in touch with those resources in the way that is most meaningful for you.  Believing that you are a spiritual being also helps make sense of your restlessness or divine discontent.  And it reminds you that you are indeed wonderfully and beautifully made.

Flourishing is key! The second half of life provides a time for you to flourish as much or more than you ever have.  You will tune into what brings you energy and meaning now.  Then you will act on that knowing.  This means awareness and acceptance of all that you are now and opening up to the possibilities of whom and what you can be.

We have FUN in the process! Taking yourself lightly brings joy and expanded possibility in each moment.  You will discover your brand of fun.  Music and movement may be in the mix providing you with access to your ageless self.

Why Choose Your Soul Satisfaction?

If you’ve looked for a coach, you already know you have plenty of choices! The popularity of the coaching profession parallels its success in helping people make positive, life-affirming choices.

So why choose Your Soul Satisfaction? We’re the fit for you if:

  • You want to live with more playfulness and delight. In fact, Sandra Jones is the Diva of Delight! She helps you get in touch with your own wild, wonderful self and experience life in a whole new way.
  • You want to grasp your unique strengths. You understand that this moment of life is your time to grow, to risk and to discover, and you want a coach with the same philosophy.
  • You want a fully accredited professional partner with whom you can co-create your future. Sandra’s 20-plus years of experience gives her the foundation to truly move you to a new place.
  • You also want an empathetic coach who understands your struggles. Sandra has been fired. She’s lived through divorce She’s gone through extreme burnout and that’s just for starters. Together, we can take your failures and turn them into a treasure trove of learning, spirituality and character just as Sandra has in her own life.

Let’s connect if you are ready for the feast or if you want an appetizer.


Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Your satisfaction with our coaching, workshops and any other service is of paramount importance. If something is amiss, please talk to us. We’re happy to refund whatever amount is due to you.

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