What Can I Count on You For?

How many times a day do you extend your hand to greet someone? What if each time you extended your hand you were also reminding yourself of your Dependable Strengths.

Strengths Shared

Strengths that if you choose, you could put to work for a new friend, an employer, your family?  For years as a coach I have looked for and helped others find their strengths, but not until this weekend did I see the full power of that information.

Most of the time, we look for our strengths when we are eager to get clear on, What can I count on myself for?—What can an employer count on me for? Five of us came together to do the Bernard Haldane, Dependable Strengths course this last weekend. I came because I wanted to know how to more confidently market myself and describe what I am good at. Others came because they wanted to get a new job in a new field or to be able to compete more efffectively in a tough job market. Several of us walked away with increased self-confidence and clarity on what we’re good at “in our bones.”

Bernard Haldane founded the Dependable Strengths program shortly after the end of World War II when thousands were returning home and needed jobs. What Haldane discovered was a series of steps that when taken would put participants back in touch with skills that might have gotten covered over with job titles or being pigeon holed into job that one is good at but really doesn’t like. Job titles and experiences are something external. Dependable Strengths, by contrast, are internal they are an inseparable part of you like the fingers of your hand. They all have these uniting characteristics:

  • It’s inner motivated
  • In the past you used it often
  • You have to have it in your ideal future
  • You enjoy it
  • It shows up in your top Good Experiences

The older we get, the more jobs we’ve had, doesn’t mean we get clearer about our Dependable Strengths. Some of the things we are really good at may not be a dependable strength because they don’t meet that above criteria.

So, if you are curious and/or unsure about your Dependable Strengths, here are two colleagues who currently are trained to offer these workshops: Irene Myers and Fran Fisher.

In the meantime, you can begin to journal about times when you have had a good experience regardless of the time in your life or whether you were formally on a job or not. Use the above criteria, and notice how enjoyable recalling those times can be. With some effort, you can indeed discover what you can be counted on for, and more importantly what you can count on yourself for!

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