Structures for Successful Change

Structures like a checklist can help us do what we say we want to do. Both with clients and personally I use forms to track progress and improve performance. Another powerful structure that I have used personally is Lent. Lent is the season prior to Easter in which Christians take time to prepare for the miracle and celebration of Easter.

Like any structure, Lent is there to help you do things differently. Lent, for me, is to deepen my faith and change unwanted habits and ways of thinking.  By taking consistent action, my intention is not only to change but to enhance my chances of transforming. I remember one year when at the beginning of Lent I was having difficulty in letting go of an unhealthy relationship with a man. Through using prayer/affirmation, forgiveness and therapeutic dance I did change. At the end of the traditional 46 days of Lent, I was freed up, more self loving and no longer obsessing over “the man.”

One additional powerful aspect of Lent is you join millions of others who are similarly committed to enhancing their relationship with the Divine.

Typically three practices that are used in the Christian Lent are: prayer, fasting and forgiveness.  Over this week and next, I will share thoughts on what the benefits of each might be for you.

Prayer – I pray regularly, day and night. Others may use affirmations. I increase the chances of powerful change by adopting formal prayers during this season. An effective resource that I have found is “Daily Meditations and Practices, A Season for Nonviolence.”

Renew your prayer life over the next 44* days. Regardless of your faith, creating consciousness around your prayer and meditation can heighten your chances of manifesting the results you desire.

*Lent began on Wednesday, 2-22-12.

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