Structures for Success – Part II

Just two days after writing last week’s post, a prayer was answered. Nothing like a little success with a structure to reaffirm your commitment to use it! My suggestion last week was to use Lenten structures such as prayer, fasting and forgiveness as powerful practices to deepen our connection with Spirit/God and successfully make changes.

Here is the second Lenten practice that can strengthen your chances of success.

Fasting– Are you saying “no, not me?!!” If so, I can relate. However last November, I was feeling stuffed like a turkey so I decided to do something about it. I came away with a renewed appreciation for the impact this practice can have on one’s well-being.

Making Healthy Choices

I took four days to fast, used only water, lemon juice and honey. Sure during the first day there was minor protesting of my mind and body.  However, by the end of the fourth day all I was left with was a sence of pride and feeling great. With prayerful support I had cleansed my body and dramatically improved my taste buds.

What could fasting do for you?

Check here next week to learn about the third practice.

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