Shrink Your Saboteur, Strengthen Your Sage

Ever feel like you are missing the mark and not really sure why? Like most people on the planet you just might have a saboteur at work that undermines you. The Saboteur is a fear-based aspect of the mind that prevents us from reaching our goals. Saboteurs are tricky parts of us that are often hard to recognize. According to author and researcher Shirzad Chamine, Saboteurs show up as one of nine forms such as the Judge, Avoider, Pleaser, Victim, Controller, etc. Below are ways to break through the impact of your Saboteurs undermining chatter and realize more of your potential.

Saboteurs can be subtle, and I can testify that they often take over before you realize it. In fact, that is why you haven’t heard from me via this blog for a few weeks! One of my own personal versions of the Saboteur is the Avoider. If I avoid doing something, I won’t fail. I’ll be better off. Right?! Well, not quite, you missed a potentially wise and witty blog post thanks to the “Avoider tugging at my leg.

The opposite of the Saboteur is the Sage. Ladies, don’t you love it! Most of us at this stage of life yearn to experience our Sage, and here are strategies to strengthen it. As you implement each strategy, you raise what Shirzad Chamine calls your Positive Intelligence. Here are the strategies.

Let’s start with Weakening the Saboteur.

You may already have an idea of what your key saboteurs are. If so, that’s a great start because each time you recognize a saboteur, you have a chance to diminish it. One way to do this is by connecting to your five senses. For example: Breathe, and then feel the weight of your feet on the ground. Or, listen to the sounds coming from outside your window. Each of these simple acts begins to shrivel the Saboteur and bring you back to a conscious state for making an effective decision.

A second strategy is to build the Sage. In his book* Shirzad provides five difference approaches you can use to build your Sage, and the one that helps me with my Avoider is The Empathizer. When I encounter conflict, my Avoider wants to run away. If I see that person as a five year old just trying to be heard, then I can empathize with that person. As I call on my Sage she appears and embraces both my perceived attacker and my Avoider. I come back to my center and can make more effective choices.

Both of these strategies use the muscle of the part of the brain that provides Positive Intelligence. You can build this muscle for shriveling the Saboteur and strengthening the Sage by shifting to your senses and using empathy.

So, this week:

– Check out your Saboteurs via the 5 minute assessment at then

-Begin to shrivel your
saboteur and realize MORE of your potential!

– Dive deeper into
Shirzad’s work in his book:
*Positive Intelligence: Why Only 20% of Teams
and Individuals Achieve Their True Potential and How YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOURS

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