One on One Coaching


Working together for YOUR Soul Satisfaction

Working together for YOUR Soul Satisfaction

One on one coaching provides a way for you to have an active partner who supports you in being the person you want to be and having the life you desire.  Sometimes the work you need to do is so personal – or your schedule is just too hectic – that you prefer to work in a private setting. If you want to take that first step toward finding out what Your Soul Satisfaction looks like, one on one coaching might be for you.

Our coaching sessions will provide you with:

1)  A solid start for your exploration during which you take inventory of what’s important to you and where you would like to be heading

2)  A plan for accessing the renewed life you desire that energizes you and helps keep you on track

3)  Tools to develop your CORE strength by learning new ways of being that bring you greater quality of life out of expanded awareness

4)  Skills and support for the Deep Dives that help you break through the seaweed (circumstances) that you may occasionally get snagged in

5)  To have FUN frequently along the way

Give me Sandra call and or send her an email and we can set up a get acquainted conversation.

Still not sure? (Call to schedule a complimentary session.)

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