Strengthen Your CORE

Strengthen Your CORE

What do we mean by CORE?

Let’s face it, to thrive at 50 and beyond and tap into more joy and juice it’s crucial to take exquisite care of all of you body, mind, spirit and emotions – and the payoff is terrific.  So, we’ve designed our programs with that in mind.  When we talk about strengthening your CORE we mean:

C = Connecting with whatever you consider Source for inner calm and wisdom and with others who support and nurture you. To bring youself into a calm and centered place you may have a regular “practice.” This practice is often a spiritual one and it can be physical. Anything from Sweat Your Prayers to meditation.  We’ll explore how your current practice serves you and refine ways to generate the calm you desire.  With calm comes greater clarity and well-being.

Connecting with others is often a source of great support and meaning in one’s life. Knowing who your important people are and what gifts they bring to you is crutial to your well being and resilience.  We will explore your relationships and the value and energy (or lack thereof) each brings you so you will know where to invest your time and energy going forward.

O = Order. When you know what your priorities are, you can focus on what’s most important for you.  These priorities guide you to a way of being that helps you live the life you desire now.  When you have clarity about your priorities, you are well prepared to take effective action.

R = Resilience. In today’s chaotic economic environment resilience is key to being able to land on our feet when faced with life challenges such as losing a job, a contract, a love, or the health that you once knew.

At 50 and after, taking exquisite care of yourself can make the difference in your quality of life.  We will provide tips and tools on how to give yourself tender loving care. You can create the perfect self-care practice for yourself.  For some it may include workouts and walks, for others swimming and spas.

A second component of Resilience is created when you use your strengths.  Knowing your strengths can provide an easier and more satisfying path whether it is professional or personal.  You will gain confidence as you apply your strengths and enjoy the rewards of doing so.

There are numerous other ways to increase our Resilience and in 2012 you will be getting plenty of tips and tools on this website’s Your Soul Satisfaction blog.

E = Energy. Energy is a great gauge of how much fuel you have in the tank for the action you want to take.  Tracking your energy, noticing what brings it too you and what diminishes it, provides insight for making adjustments and changes that can amp up your happiness and effectiveness.

If you want to strengthen your CORE and make some new friends, check out these Group Coaching Classes!

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