Below you’ll find a range of services and products to tap into the wisdom of your inner Diva of Delight and generate new options for yourself.  You’ll receive tips, tools and support to help you shine.  All of these will address one or more aspect of your well-being so you can make your come back from a major transition in a way that builds your resilience and re-engages you in life.  Together we’ll discover what the territory is like for you and others at 50, provide new ways to access your passion, joy and vitality and provide a community.


Divas Dive In!

GROUPS – Divas Dive In LIVE

These are in person two-hour sessions where you talk, listen, learn and enjoy the company of other Divas looking for delight.

TAKE ONE – Exploring the Territory

You are coming out of a major transition, the shock, if there was some, has worn off and you are getting used to living with this New You.  You know you are different and you are exploring what that means.  As you take stock of your transition experience, you are testing your options, looking for resources, and craving meaningful and fun conversations with other women who just happen to be in a similar space.  Sandra will be there to set things in motion and highlight what she hears emerging. (more)

Beathe in the beauty and strengthen your CORE

Beathe in the beauty and strengthen your CORE

TAKE TWO — Your CORE Counts/Building Your CORE Muscle

To reclaim your new life after a major transition, building your CORE can make the experience richer and more satisfying.  CORE is an acronym* and a program that helps you strengthen your foundation for this phase of change. Each session will contain CORE elements as well as generous time for connecting with yourself and others.  Sandra’s goal is to help you touch into delight frequently as you take exquisite care of yourself and build your strength and flexibility in mind, body and spirit. (more)

Each session will include interactive exercises, music and movement, refreshment and a guest once during the series who will add her suggestions and resources on how you can strengthen your CORE.  We may also choose to a book to read and discuss.  View this book list for possible options.

See the schedule below: Groups form every three months and meet twice a month for two hours.  There is a maximum of 12 people per group.

(Schedule & Registration Coming Soon!)

What is CORE? (Click here for the definition)

We work together to find YOUR Soul Satisfaction

We work together to find YOUR Soul Satisfaction

ONE on One Coaching


One on one coaching provides a way for you to have an active partner who supports you in being the person you want to be and having the life you desire.  Sometimes the work we need to do is so personal – or our schedule is just too hectic – that we prefer to work in a private setting. If you want to take that first step toward finding out what Your Soul Satisfaction looks like, then one on one coaching might be for you. (more)

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