More Good News on Aging and the Brain

About a month ago when I decided I wanted to know more about my memory and the brain, the lights started going on. Previously I was not really aware that aging doesn’t naturally mean decline in brain function. Genes do play a role, and there is scientific proof that we can improve brain function even as we age. Scientists now know that the aging brain continues to have a remarkable ability to grow, adapt, and change patterns of connection. We can improve our brain function with exercise, healthy eating, and learning new skills and information.

Another critical component of having a healthy brain is making sure that the nerve cells which send information through-out the brain are used and nurtured. Previously I had heard that it was all about doing cross-word puzzles, reading, and keeping good company so that my mind is engaged. Now, I am learning there is a whole new area of science to be considered called Neurobics*.

Neurobics is purposefully named to bring forth the association of aerobics physical exercise. Like swimming uses many different muscle groups to make the body more fit over all, Neurobics takes that approach with the brain. Neurobics makes the brain more agile and flexible overall so that it can take on any mental challenge, whether it be memory, task performance or creativity. Neurobics success is not just dependent on how we work the brain but takes advantage of the way the brain naturally works.

Try a neurobic exercise this week, step in and out of the shower with the opposite foot than the one you normally use. Let me know your experience through comments on this blog next week.

Stay tuned there will be more easy ways to stimulate your brain’s function.

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