Lighten Up and Let Go as Coach

Thoughts from a Mentor Coach

Coaching requires for me a deep shifting of gears which in turn means letting go on several levels. Letting go can have a positive impact for me, as well as the client.

  • Letting go of my language in favor of the client’s language
  • Letting go of what I know in favor of what the client knows and/or is learning
  • Letting go of my “expert of content” for my “expert in process”
  • Letting go of my left brain dominated preferences
  • Letting go of one of my favorite places to hang-out, my head, for being in my heart
  • Letting go of saying everything that comes to mind in favor of a succinct sliver that resonates with where the client is
  • Letting go of trying to get there – my perception of a problem to be solved or even my client’s agenda – in favor of sensing what is trying to be revealed.
  • Letting go of my “need” to be right

As coach, what would you add to this list?

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