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More Good News on Aging and the Brain

About a month ago when I decided I wanted to know more about my memory and the brain, the lights started going on. Previously I was not really aware that aging doesn’t naturally mean decline in brain function. Genes do play a role, and there is scientific proof that we can improve brain function even […]

Find Your Holiday Center

There’s plenty to do during the holidays – baking, greeting cards, parties – that its easy to forget how to BE. I recently got together with new colleagues, and we shared what keeps us calm and centered in the midst of the festivities. Cheryl draws on her yoga practice and a simple head roll. Allow […]

Three Ways to Live a Passionate Life

Over the last weekend I attended a Women’s Retreat where the theme was “Passion:  I will not die an unlived  life!”  We were challenged to risk and reveal ourselves, to be authentic.  Living from our most authentic self opens the doorway to living more fully.  Three gems I gained over the weekend are: First, revealing […]

Riding the Wave or Caught in the Undertow?

Mary Catherine Bateson is definitely riding the wave with aplomb at 70!  She just published her fifth book, “Composing a Future Life, the Age of Active Wisdom.”  She was in Seattle recently speaking at Town Hall about her life and book.  One of her major messages as an anthropologist is that change is a major ingredient […]

Going Beyond the Personal, Building Community

I have been involved with the teachings of Landmark Education on and off since the 70s and one of the powerful points they make is that we are all in this together.  If my family and friends are not happy, my happiness is compromised. This is not really new. However, I think as we have […]

Finding Your Voice, Opening Your Heart

I first joined Toastmasters in the 1970’s. Because it was an all women’s club, I didn’t feel quite as self-conscious, and over time I gained confidence in expressing my point of view. About 7 years ago, I felt it was timeto reconnect with that authentic voice, and see how it has changed over 30 years.  […]

Sanity Savers – Seven Stress Reducers

Life’s twists provided Jennifer Jeffries with an opportunity to turn her life around.  This Aussie with an attitude found herself wound around a power pole at what might have been considered the peak of her corporate career. That experience led her on a very different track, a track to well-being that she decided to share.  […]

Time — Pressure Point or Opportunity? Part II

As you reflect over the last week, what was your relationship with time?  Did you feel time pressured or satisfied with how you spent your time?  You may have noticed, either way you are in charge, you determine your experience of time. That’s what Einstein Time is all about as Gay Hendricks proposes in Chapter […]

The Healing Power of Love

Being under the weather for the second week, I carved out only a few “in person” activities that I chose to participate in last week so that I could conserve my energy.  Attending a planning meeting for Earth Day was one of them.  Being there paid off on two levels, I was supporting a passion, […]

Access Deeper Listening for Powerful Results

One of the most valuable skills I have acquired as a coach is consciously listening with my heart.  What difference does it make?  First, I get out of my head and then I have access to the wisdom of my heart and body and to the heart of the person I am listening to. Getting out of […]