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Lenten Tools for Success III

As a young adult, I never liked being called a sinner, I really didn’t think it was true. My perspective has changed over the years. I have come to realize that there are definitely times when I’ve made choices that were out of alignment with my higher self and with God. Forgiveness is a way […]

Structures for Success – Part II

Just two days after writing last week’s post, a prayer was answered. Nothing like a little success with a structure to reaffirm your commitment to use it! My suggestion last week was to use Lenten structures such as prayer, fasting and forgiveness as powerful practices to deepen our connection with Spirit/God and successfully make changes. Here […]

Structures for Successful Change

Structures like a checklist can help us do what we say we want to do. Both with clients and personally I use forms to track progress and improve performance. Another powerful structure that I have used personally is Lent. Lent is the season prior to Easter in which Christians take time to prepare for the […]

Open to Gifts…Beyond the Packaging

 This is indeed the season of gifting, and you probably have your short list for Santa.  I invite you to pause and take a look at gifts from a spiritual perspective.  The whole idea of giving and receiving may take on deeper and richer meaning.  Here is the wisdom of a 15th century poet,  Fra […]

Three Ways to Live a Passionate Life

Over the last weekend I attended a Women’s Retreat where the theme was “Passion:  I will not die an unlived  life!”  We were challenged to risk and reveal ourselves, to be authentic.  Living from our most authentic self opens the doorway to living more fully.  Three gems I gained over the weekend are: First, revealing […]

My Heart is a Wise and Faithful Guide*

Oh, yeah! As seasoned women you and I may feel a bit jaded about following our hearts.  However, as a coach I have come to trust that each of us can touch into a deeper wisdom through our hearts.   Several years ago I discovered that there is scientific evidence supporting the wisdom of the […]

Being Thankful

Last night although I seemed to have a wrestling match going on in my mind, as I prepared for bed I began to surrender to simple things,  opening the windows to let the fresh air flow in, finding a good book to spend a few minutes with before sleep, taking exquisite care of my sweet […]

The Power of Acceptance

The first time I heard that if I wanted to stop suffering, all I needed to do was accept, I didn't exactly "accept" that news with open arms.  Doing so would have required my giving up on having things be different!  And, I came to realize the freedom that acceptance can provide. A simple example of the way acceptance can work is […]

Seeds of Compassion and Other Spring Choices

Spring has arrived in Seattle and blossoms of every variety proclaim the truth and beauty of that. April also brings an outpouring of wonderful possibilities particularly for those of us in the Seattle area where the Seeds of Compassion Conference will begin this Friday, April 11.  His Holiness the Dalai Lama has joined with the […]

Clean and Clear, a Spiritual Practice

Advent is a rich tradition for me and it begins with the Sunday four weeks before Christmas. Being raised as an Episcopalian there were guidelines on what Advent is all about – clearing out, getting still and preparing for the birth of Christ. For me, that means preparing for the rebirth/renewal of the sacred within, […]