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A glow filled the room as a procession of women dressed in shimmering orange, pink and white garments entered. The first carried a glittering miniature tree; others followed with pink laterns. These women were part of the opening ceremony of the 20th Annual Women of Wisdom Conference. As the procession entered the room the large […]

Why vote?

These days with all of the negative political ads and the polarization we have witnessed in this country, voting may not seem like a priority.  However, Petticoat Prerogative, a play about women getting the vote reminded me of how fundamental voting is to our well-being as persons and as a society. The play also reminded […]

Celebrating Being 60!

Yes, can you imagine, some wise women are celebrating being 60!  Entering new decades can sometimes seem like a daunting or dismal affair, not so for Jan Berg.  Jan is a fellow coach and valued colleague at at invite.CHANGE, leadership development and coaching services, where she is a partner.  What made Jan’s birthday celebration so different?  Women […]


Much of the time we think of LEAVING a legacy; Gloria Burgess, a woman close to 50, challenges us to discover and LIVE our legacy NOW.  Gloria’s challenge came to mind again last week as I attended two environmentally related events.   One of my passions over the years has been caring for all of creation, […]

An Experience of “Tribe”

Do you have a “TRIBE?  In colloquial or informal use “tribe” is group of people or an organization where you feel seen, heard and welcomed.  When you are in or reclaiming your life after a major transition, having one or more “tribes” to be a part of is priceless.  WBE, Women’s Business Exchange is one […]

Cracks Let the Light In

Sky* knows hundreds, if not thousands, of important artists, writers, preachers and politicians.  Daily as “Spirit Warrior” he shares snippets of those Individuals’ works through the web with what seems like great multitudes.  When I first began to receive these daily missives they rather annoyed me. “How could anyone be in touch with that many […]

“A Place to be… A place to become…”

One of the wonderful constants in my life over the last three years has been WomanSpirit Center.   When we stand together, I find we grow faster and stronger.  WomanSpirit Center facilitates that kind of growth.  Evelyn Wemhoff and Jan Donnelly are the two courageous and wise directors of the Center which provides resources and guidance […]

Stepping Up and In

Just when we think we have things all figured out…life hands us a curve!  Last May, the Board of Puget Sound Coaches Association (PSCA) chose to step up and create a regional conference to address unmet educational and public awareness needs.  The conference leaders asked for volunteers to jump in and support the effort.  I enthusiastically joined […]

Sunshine on our Backs

East and west coast Washingtonians basked in the sun as President Obama was inaugurated onTuesday.  We got relief from some rather harsh weather, and we also energetically took in warming and elevating energy as our new President spoke to us about the changes and challenges ahead.  What a model of calm confidence and leadership he and […]

Next Level Leadership – What does it look like?

This morning the sky opened up to bright sunshine after intense rains; that’s my sense of what is happening across the country. The speaker this week at Women’s Business Exchange (WBE), a Seattle-based organization that brings Spirit to work, was Debrena Jackson Gandy.  Her message was about next level leadership and her words of inspiration left […]