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What Can I Count on You For?

How many times a day do you extend your hand to greet someone? What if each time you extended your hand you were also reminding yourself of your Dependable Strengths. Strengths that if you choose, you could put to work for a new friend, an employer, your family?  For years as a coach I have […]


A glow filled the room as a procession of women dressed in shimmering orange, pink and white garments entered. The first carried a glittering miniature tree; others followed with pink laterns. These women were part of the opening ceremony of the 20th Annual Women of Wisdom Conference. As the procession entered the room the large […]

Stoking the Embers

The hospital room was stiflingly silent. My brother, Gaylord, had just been taken away to the operating room. Less than 24 hours before he had a heart attack and now the physicians felt the best option was surgery, a three-way bypass. Gaylord, his wife and sons, our parents, and I all wondered what this means.  […]

Three Ways to Live a Passionate Life

Over the last weekend I attended a Women’s Retreat where the theme was “Passion:  I will not die an unlived  life!”  We were challenged to risk and reveal ourselves, to be authentic.  Living from our most authentic self opens the doorway to living more fully.  Three gems I gained over the weekend are: First, revealing […]

Welcome to Your Soul Satisfaction

The Diva of Delight has been peaking around the corner for the last several months, now she has arrived.  Check her out on my new website Women fifty and over, join me, create and celebrate your best life now.  Mine the riches of being seasoned, sultry and having so much fun! Discover how Divas Diving In, sharing their […]

Passion as Fuel

Have you seen Julie & Julia?  If you haven’t get yourself to a theater! The sheer delight that is created in this film as Julia Child discovers and follows her passion for French cooking is richly entertaining.  Meanwhile, her passion for exploration is mirrored by a protégé’s experience 40 years later as Julie in 365 days […]

Following Your Passion

Eighteen months ago I met a woman over 45 who was thriving as she taught English as a second language in China. Catherine beamed as she shared some of her experiences and how she had documented them in one of her three blogs. Meeting her lit a fire in me, "I want to be encouraging women […]