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Brain Fog, No Way!

During January I noticed serious brain fog — misplacing keys, my cell phone, even forgetting an appointment. A rather scary experience when I’m used to a brain that serves me well. Given the myths on aging, I thought I had perhaps hit some serious undertow of that process. What I decided was that I wasn’t […]

EYES WIDE OPEN – A Call for Resilience

During my first visit with the eye surgeon he said, “It’s important to operate this month.” Over the last year my vision was failing so slowly that I chocked it up to aging.  Then, this fall when I couldn’t thread a needle or easily read spreadsheets, I suspected something far more serious. As it turned out […]

Stoking the Embers

The hospital room was stiflingly silent. My brother, Gaylord, had just been taken away to the operating room. Less than 24 hours before he had a heart attack and now the physicians felt the best option was surgery, a three-way bypass. Gaylord, his wife and sons, our parents, and I all wondered what this means.  […]

Filling Our Lamps

Having just escaped the severe symptoms of a cold this week, and knowing several other women who were not so lucky, I recommend that you take a few moments to bask in the wisdom of this short video. Take a few moments to watch this movie, for all the women who light up our world. […]

Brainpower versus Braindrain

No sooner had I written the blog post on boosting brainpower than I realized that my short-term memory was sputtering.  I was overly zealous in taking on new, promising opportunities and not considering what I already had on my plate. I found myself with too much to do and not enough time – the perfect conditions […]

Four Ways to Boost Your Brain Power in 2011

If you are committed to a quality of life, you are committed to your brain’s health.  So, no matter what your goals may be for this year, it makes mega sense to give your brain a boost.  Truth is there are at least 7 ways to significantly boost your brain power* so, I will describe […]

On the Edge – Meltdown or Launch Pad?

At the end of May I felt a lot like a slug.  It was a familiar feeling, like slowly sinking over the edge into burn-out.  Tasks loomed large and no amount of pushing seemed to get them done.   I surveyed the situation and one major energy drain stood out.  I had been putting time, energy and money […]

What are you declaring Independence from?

As Americans our ancestors declared independence from taxation without representation in 1776.  To take this important national holiday to a personal level, what have you declared independence from over the last few months or days? Being with family over the Fourth gave me a great opportunity to learn from others who had successfully declared independence.  […]

Lights, camera, action… enter Drama Queen stage right

For years I’ve know I had a penchant for drama, but I thought I had reduced the Queen’s role to a bit part.  As Memorial Day weekend approached I had a newsletter deadline looming.  The topic was burn-out and after two versions, I had no satisfaction.  I turned to a trusted advisor and she nailed it, […]

Notice What Vitalizes and Renews You

You’ve been gliding along, making great progress on your projects and intentions.  Then you notice you are much less interested in everything that only a week ago seemed very appealing and you have a lot less energy.  If you have gone through a major burn-out, you may be particularly concerned.  Lack of interest and energy […]