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Shrink Your Saboteur, Strengthen Your Sage

Ever feel like you are missing the mark and not really sure why? Like most people on the planet you just might have a saboteur at work that undermines you. The Saboteur is a fear-based aspect of the mind that prevents us from reaching our goals. Saboteurs are tricky parts of us that are often […]

Brain Fog, No Way!

During January I noticed serious brain fog — misplacing keys, my cell phone, even forgetting an appointment. A rather scary experience when I’m used to a brain that serves me well. Given the myths on aging, I thought I had perhaps hit some serious undertow of that process. What I decided was that I wasn’t […]

Lenten Tools for Success III

As a young adult, I never liked being called a sinner, I really didn’t think it was true. My perspective has changed over the years. I have come to realize that there are definitely times when I’ve made choices that were out of alignment with my higher self and with God. Forgiveness is a way […]


A glow filled the room as a procession of women dressed in shimmering orange, pink and white garments entered. The first carried a glittering miniature tree; others followed with pink laterns. These women were part of the opening ceremony of the 20th Annual Women of Wisdom Conference. As the procession entered the room the large […]

How Do I Love Thee…?

“How do I love thee, let me count the ways I love thee to the depth and breadth and height My soul can reach… “ Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s sonnet easily comes to mind when I am feeling loved and loving. For me she expresses that expansive sense of exhilaration that I enjoy particularly in new […]

Celebration, Connection and Collaboration

Family can be the best of things or the worst of things. Last weekend it was definitely the best of things as my brother, his wife and I packed three major family-oriented events into one weekend.  The first was a birthday celebration for my brother.  We enjoyed more laughter in four hours than I generally […]

When your get-up and go is gone

Muddled, befuddled and all out of gas. My heart was aching, too. It was past time to leave my engagement with a major client, and I was having a hard time letting go. I had “left my finger in the dike” way too long, hoping that the financials of the organization would improve. However, they […]

EYES WIDE OPEN – A Call for Resilience

During my first visit with the eye surgeon he said, “It’s important to operate this month.” Over the last year my vision was failing so slowly that I chocked it up to aging.  Then, this fall when I couldn’t thread a needle or easily read spreadsheets, I suspected something far more serious. As it turned out […]

Find Your Holiday Center

There’s plenty to do during the holidays – baking, greeting cards, parties – that its easy to forget how to BE. I recently got together with new colleagues, and we shared what keeps us calm and centered in the midst of the festivities. Cheryl draws on her yoga practice and a simple head roll. Allow […]

Four Ways to Grab the Gusto in Life Now

On this brilliant autumn afternoon am reminded of how precious life really is and how important it is to grab the gusto in life while we can.  How?  Here are four of the many ways to experience life’s full sweetness. Celebrate.  Celebrating life daily contributes to having a happier more satisfying life.  All we need […]