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Structures for Success – Part II

Just two days after writing last week’s post, a prayer was answered. Nothing like a little success with a structure to reaffirm your commitment to use it! My suggestion last week was to use Lenten structures such as prayer, fasting and forgiveness as powerful practices to deepen our connection with Spirit/God and successfully make changes. Here […]

How Do I Love Thee…?

“How do I love thee, let me count the ways I love thee to the depth and breadth and height My soul can reach… “ Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s sonnet easily comes to mind when I am feeling loved and loving. For me she expresses that expansive sense of exhilaration that I enjoy particularly in new […]

Celebration, Connection and Collaboration

Family can be the best of things or the worst of things. Last weekend it was definitely the best of things as my brother, his wife and I packed three major family-oriented events into one weekend.  The first was a birthday celebration for my brother.  We enjoyed more laughter in four hours than I generally […]

Open to Gifts…Beyond the Packaging

 This is indeed the season of gifting, and you probably have your short list for Santa.  I invite you to pause and take a look at gifts from a spiritual perspective.  The whole idea of giving and receiving may take on deeper and richer meaning.  Here is the wisdom of a 15th century poet,  Fra […]

Slip Slidding Away into the Past or Taking a Stand for Possibility

When things have been difficult as they have been for many us, it can be easy to find ourselves “slip-sliding away” emotionally.  The past although not comfortable seems ironically seductive.  We are so used to the fear that runs in the background, that warns us to be careful, don’t take any risks, etc. that we […]

Homecoming – Celebration, Revelation

With summer ending, people returning from vacations and children beginning school, we at Seattle First Baptist Church have a renewing annual Homecoming tradition. We celebrate coming back together as a community, and all that it means to us. Part of what appeals to me about this homecoming is that no explanation is needed as to where […]

What lens do you view relationships through?

I was awakened by a strange noise about 7:30 in the morning. At first I worried that someone had broken in, but I soon learned that it was Baxter, the neighborhood tabby who makes himself at home wherever he chooses. This time Baxter had jumped up five feet into an open window to join me […]

The Power of Friendship

Your health, happiness and longevity all are significantly impacted by your friendships!  Sure, I’ve “known” this and probably you have, too.  This knowing was powerfully confirmed last week as I heard a presentation by Shasta Nelson, the founder of and attended a wake for a friend. “In the quest for better health, many people […]

Space for Grace

Sunday was set aside as an easy going day. Although I planned several things, the day felt flexible.  However, when I walked out to my car after church I saw I had a flat tire.  Plans were immediately revised.  The fact that I had planned a “flexible day,” left me in a most agreeable state of mind.  […]

Gratitude Makes a Difference

Where we focus determines our results.  Thus, as we discussed which rituals to toss or treasure on the Diva’s Dive In teleclass last week, the power of gratitude became clear.  When we focus on gratitude, things shift.  For example, when there are differences such as religious backgrounds, honoring both or several during the holidays can […]