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Lighten Up and Let Go as Coach

Thoughts from a Mentor Coach Coaching requires for me a deep shifting of gears which in turn means letting go on several levels. Letting go can have a positive impact for me, as well as the client. Letting go of my language in favor of the client’s language Letting go of what I know in […]

How to Select Your Ideal Mentor Coach

Co-Authored by Sandra Jones, PCC, and Fran Fisher, MCC Working with a mentor coach takes one part courage and two parts commitment.   When you are ready to make the investment in notching up your confidence, sharpening your edges, or improving on the art and science of your coaching skills, hire a mentor coach. For the […]

What Can I Count on You For?

How many times a day do you extend your hand to greet someone? What if each time you extended your hand you were also reminding yourself of your Dependable Strengths. Strengths that if you choose, you could put to work for a new friend, an employer, your family?  For years as a coach I have […]

Structures for Successful Change

Structures like a checklist can help us do what we say we want to do. Both with clients and personally I use forms to track progress and improve performance. Another powerful structure that I have used personally is Lent. Lent is the season prior to Easter in which Christians take time to prepare for the […]

Lessons from Auntie Mame

I’m one of those who experiences a slow energetic leak when the shorter and grayer days of winter arrive in the Northwest.  My experience of this leak was particularly acute last year. So, I decided to expand possibilities for this winter and adopt an “Auntie Mame” mindset.  That’s in part what prompted my re-vitalizing my home […]

Taking Control – Vices and Virtues

A phone visit with relatives on Easter Day resulted in my being aware that there was a temporary stress epidemic in my family.  Yikes!  To hear that five adults ages 39 to 65 all concur that they were stressed-out was an eye-opener.  One of those is a woman over fifty who appears on the surface […]

Focus and Letting in Important Information

Have you noticed the early arrival of beautiful blossoms on the plum trees and warmer temperatures brightening your mood?  They certainly do mine!  However, if we are primarily focused on problems such as work challenges or health issues we may hardly notice the changes.  How is it that our focus so often determines our reality […]

The Power of Being Seen

Recently I had the great privilege of being in on a Mentor Certification Course through invite.CHANGE, a coach training organization where I am on staff.  Now, certification programs are not always known for their inspiring nature.  However, when it comes to coaching, I have found that inspiration and accelerated personal growth are almost always part […]

Clean Sweep

Just as I was about to pull up the draft of this week’s blog post, there was a flicker.   I most likely reacted and the next thing I knew…Clean Sweep.  Whatever my previous brilliant draft had to offer was history!  I am taking that as a gift.  Whatever, my earlier thoughts were are not as […]

Re-birthing at Midlife

Metaphors for midlife abound!  One that I have come to respect through my own experience and the wise teachings of mentors like Sue Monk Kidd and Christiane Northrup is that midlife is often a time of re-birthing. If re-birth conjures up precious memories of giving birth to your child or painful ones, both apply.  The other […]