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Structures for Success – Part II

Just two days after writing last week’s post, a prayer was answered. Nothing like a little success with a structure to reaffirm your commitment to use it! My suggestion last week was to use Lenten structures such as prayer, fasting and forgiveness as powerful practices to deepen our connection with Spirit/God and successfully make changes. Here […]

Structures for Successful Change

Structures like a checklist can help us do what we say we want to do. Both with clients and personally I use forms to track progress and improve performance. Another powerful structure that I have used personally is Lent. Lent is the season prior to Easter in which Christians take time to prepare for the […]

When your get-up and go is gone

Muddled, befuddled and all out of gas. My heart was aching, too. It was past time to leave my engagement with a major client, and I was having a hard time letting go. I had “left my finger in the dike” way too long, hoping that the financials of the organization would improve. However, they […]

Letting in the Light

We’ve just marked the Spring Equinox, a joyous event after a dark, damp northwest winter.  With happy expectancy of increased daylight every day, I’m energized to let more light into other parts of my life.   As I opened my curtains to let in the sunshine, I noticed accumulated dust and useless and worn out […]

Stoking the Embers

The hospital room was stiflingly silent. My brother, Gaylord, had just been taken away to the operating room. Less than 24 hours before he had a heart attack and now the physicians felt the best option was surgery, a three-way bypass. Gaylord, his wife and sons, our parents, and I all wondered what this means.  […]

Shake, Rattle and Roll – Dealing with Rapid Change

Ever feel like you’re trapped inside a snow globe and someone turned it over and gave it a good shake? When I’m not choosing a new adventure and my world turns upside down anyway, it can be very unnerving. It’s a good time to sit down and check in with myself. What part of me […]

What’s the Gem Hidden in My Current Discomforts?

Ever heard that feeling bad, may be good?!!  Until we acknowledge reoccurring discomfort and decide to do something about it, things rarely improve.  In a conversation with a colleague this week I was reminded of how we, as women, often have years of conditioning that suggests that we should tend to other’s needs first.  This […]

Access Your Inner Hero for Changes that Stick

What do coming of age boys and women 50 and over coming back from burn-out have in common?  If you have seen the new version of Karate Kid , you know that the star, Dre Parker a 12 year old boy, is forced to move to a new country (China).  When he arrives he has […]