A glow filled the room as a procession of women dressed in shimmering orange, pink and white garments entered. The first carried a glittering miniature tree; others followed with pink laterns. These women were part of the opening ceremony of the 20th Annual Women of Wisdom Conference. As the procession entered the room the large group that surrounded them chanted “It is our time to be heard.”

Jean Shinoda Bolen well-known and respected author, Jungian Analyst and activist is one of the keynoters of the conference.  Jean consistently writes and speaks boldly on what gives us life and meaning.


Do what you love

“Activism and individuation

(to find a meaningful, inner directed, chosen life-path) come together when the choices we make express who we are. There is a soul purpose to life. Be centered, and archetypes, dreams and synchronicities provide depth and direction. As one phase of life shifts into the next, energy becomes free to take on something that is personally meaningful, fun, creative and motivated by love—my definition of “assignment.”

From Jean’s experience and that of her clients she reflects that it takes courage and boldness to step out of our productivity driven culture to give oneself permission to follow one’s heart.

Synchronicity showed up as I found myself challenged to be bold by a fellow member of our church’s Social Justice Group. She had spoken several times in our group about the Seattle Police using excessive force particularly with minorities. She felt strongly that our group should be speaking out publically about it.  We encouraged her to take the lead in developing a letter. She decided to do it, and two weeks later she brought the letter to our group.

As she read the letter I was a little concerned about its tone and what impact it might have on its readers. I volunteered to help with editing if I could have some support of other colleagues more abreast of the issues. As we worked on the letter I began to think, “Have I gone over my head on this one??” I wavered with one of my predictable self-doubting voices. Then, as I remembered the women chanting, “This is our time to be heard.” I resolved to see that the letter was refined in a way that demonstrates how we would like to be treated by our police force.

Boldness won over timidity, and I am feeling an inner glow that I haven’t experienced for a while.

Who is your heart calling you to be? Or do?

What small, bold step can you take in that direction?

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