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Lighten Up and Let Go as Coach

Thoughts from a Mentor Coach Coaching requires for me a deep shifting of gears which in turn means letting go on several levels. Letting go can have a positive impact for me, as well as the client. Letting go of my language in favor of the client’s language Letting go of what I know in […]

How to Select Your Ideal Mentor Coach

Co-Authored by Sandra Jones, PCC, and Fran Fisher, MCC Working with a mentor coach takes one part courage and two parts commitment.   When you are ready to make the investment in notching up your confidence, sharpening your edges, or improving on the art and science of your coaching skills, hire a mentor coach. For the […]

Shrink Your Saboteur, Strengthen Your Sage

Ever feel like you are missing the mark and not really sure why? Like most people on the planet you just might have a saboteur at work that undermines you. The Saboteur is a fear-based aspect of the mind that prevents us from reaching our goals. Saboteurs are tricky parts of us that are often […]

More Good News on Aging and the Brain

About a month ago when I decided I wanted to know more about my memory and the brain, the lights started going on. Previously I was not really aware that aging doesn’t naturally mean decline in brain function. Genes do play a role, and there is scientific proof that we can improve brain function even […]

Brain Fog, No Way!

During January I noticed serious brain fog — misplacing keys, my cell phone, even forgetting an appointment. A rather scary experience when I’m used to a brain that serves me well. Given the myths on aging, I thought I had perhaps hit some serious undertow of that process. What I decided was that I wasn’t […]

What Can I Count on You For?

How many times a day do you extend your hand to greet someone? What if each time you extended your hand you were also reminding yourself of your Dependable Strengths. Strengths that if you choose, you could put to work for a new friend, an employer, your family?  For years as a coach I have […]

Lenten Tools for Success III

As a young adult, I never liked being called a sinner, I really didn’t think it was true. My perspective has changed over the years. I have come to realize that there are definitely times when I’ve made choices that were out of alignment with my higher self and with God. Forgiveness is a way […]

Structures for Success – Part II

Just two days after writing last week’s post, a prayer was answered. Nothing like a little success with a structure to reaffirm your commitment to use it! My suggestion last week was to use Lenten structures such as prayer, fasting and forgiveness as powerful practices to deepen our connection with Spirit/God and successfully make changes. Here […]

Structures for Successful Change

Structures like a checklist can help us do what we say we want to do. Both with clients and personally I use forms to track progress and improve performance. Another powerful structure that I have used personally is Lent. Lent is the season prior to Easter in which Christians take time to prepare for the […]


A glow filled the room as a procession of women dressed in shimmering orange, pink and white garments entered. The first carried a glittering miniature tree; others followed with pink laterns. These women were part of the opening ceremony of the 20th Annual Women of Wisdom Conference. As the procession entered the room the large […]