Sandra Jones, PCC & Diva of Delight!

Sandra Jones, PCC & Diva of Delight!

Hello, I’m Sandra Jones and I have been coaching, in one form or another, for over twenty years and truly enjoying my life for the past ten!

I started out doing all the things we’re told to do to acquire success and happiness. I went to school, got my degrees and ventured forth into the corporate world. Once there, I worked hard. I enjoyed designing and delivering programs that motivated employees, enhanced productivity and transformed paradigms.

However, it did not bring the kind of deep satisfaction that I was longing for. For me, the corporate environment lacked the holistic, soul-nurturing satisfaction that I yearned for. So what did I do? I took my own advice and left.

I was 50 and in big-time transition when I met the founder of the Academy for Coach Training* and learned of coaching as a discipline. The timing was perfect!  I was seeking a way to help individuals explore their world and consciously create the life they desired. In the process, I discovered what it meant to consciously and confidently change your life.

I began by jumping off the cliff, sure in the knowledge that I was about to develop wings. I learned how to achieve personal transformation in a new and empowering way. What freedom!  By following my passion I discovered a life changing profession. Coaching women in transition is something that lights me up daily.

Like yours my life is not always a picnic. As I have learned to take more and more responsibility for my own happiness, there has been more of it!  That’s where the Diva of Delight comes in.

Now it’s your turn!  I want YOU to experience the exquisite joy of living with passion. Living the way you were meant to.

*now invite.CHANGE

Designated Divas

I often work with Designated Diva’s when presenting workshops and seminars.

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